:) …

So full of grace

Que corre dentro de mim,

Que me cobre,

Que me pertence,

Que faz de mim quem eu sou,

Que me envolve,

Que me mostra o caminho,

Que me Ama em todo o seu esplendor,

Que me protege,

Que me aquece,

Que me mostra o melhor de mim,

Que me dá vida.



A lovely house

You are the light that shines through

You’re my morning light.

This -your- perfect light invading everything…

So soon…!

Freedom, purity, lightness -to fly. So close…

Every minute of every day…!

Floating Alice

…that sparkles! :)

Ours is where the light is.

Our dreams are on their way…

"It’s times like these you learn to live again…

It’s times like these you give and give again…”